Because facebook won’t let me…

For some reason facebook won’t let me upload any pics.  It’s not google chrome’s fault (although it seems that fb and chrome don’t get along sometimes) since I tried firefox…I think I’ll just blame the crappy Australian internet. I’m paying $35/month for 5 gigs in my apartment, and any free internet you find in Melbourne is excruciatingly slow.  Even the Wifi on campus is capped T_____T

Well without any further ado, here are just a few pics from my first week here.  More to come once facebook lets me.

My apartment building, right across the Uni and with a tram station right in front connecting to the city.  Sure beats Valentine Place lol

Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District) or downtown as we call it, and the Yarra river that lines it.  Still haven’t decided if Melbourne’s skyline > Chicago’s…

MUSEX night at Turf club.  Like I said, SOOO MANY AMERICANS.  And internationals.  I met zero Aussies that night.

St. Kilda’s beach, about 20 minutes by tram from Melbourne.  More of a bay than a beach, which meant only a few waves and heaps of jellyfish.  Also the wind was ridiculously strong that day, which resulted in some painful sand attacks while we were tanning.  Now I know what “windburn” and “sandburn” are.

A glimpse of the Melbourne Uni campus.  It reminds me a lot of Cornell because its a mix of historic and modern buildings.  It’s also really spread out like Cornell so I’m still learning my way around…

Going out to the pubs with the Sri Lankans on my floor and a local from Perth.  Woohoo for meeting Aussies!

Alright I’m off to go do a bushdance and eat some Kangaroo meat at a barbie.  Later!


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