A game of footsie…I mean footy…

Had a pretty full day yesterday.  Started out with a quick trip to the Queen Vic Market, went to St. Kilda’s beach again to work on that tan (fewer jellyfish this time!), saw some short plays at the Union House Theatre, and went out to Pugg’s Irish Pub for a few drinks.

But I think the highlight of my day was a trip to Princes Park for a pre-season footy game.  That’s Aussie rules football, a game similar to rugby/soccer/American football.  Basically the point of the game is to kick an oval ball through two posts, and there are different points depending on which ones you shoot through.   There are rules regarding how far you can run without touching the ball to the ground, tackling, etc, but it’s a pretty easy game to follow.

The footy field is a large oval with goals on either side.  If the ball goes between two taller posts in middle its a “goal,” which is 6 points, and if it goes between the outer posts its a “point,” which is 1 point.  See those kids in front of us?  They were pretty amused by us Americans.  Story of my life here.

My attempt at an action shot.  Not really sure what’s going on, but it’s a pretty fast-paced and exciting game.  I had to leave early, but apparently a guy ran up and jumped off an opponent to catch the ball.  Pretty epic in my book.

Kah Ngee (on the far left) is a Carlton fan so that’s how we ended up at this game.  I definitely plan on going to another one and I’ll try to take a better video this time.

Off to the Crown Palladium for dinner and drinks tonight, and possibly a little gambling.  Tomorrow we’re trying to do a day tour of the Great Ocean Road (a stretch of beaches and hiking).  And Monday…classes start T_____T


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